Imagine how your life would change if you learned an easier way how to create the life you desire.

A motivating and inspiring path to living a happier life, following your dreams, and turning your ideas into reality, Create Your Culture is a mindset of actionable intelligence backed by real-world examples and collective wisdom.

This guidebook containing the Create Your Culture philosophy teaches step-by step:

• How to define your own version of success and become happier in the process
• The 8 dimensions of wellness: a holistic approach to living a healthier, happier lifestyle
• How to know yourself, let your heart guide you, and create vision from within
• How to expand your mind in three different ways and become a better learner
• How to turn ideas into reality in six different ways, including the power of a magic board

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Hear what others are saying:

"Create Your Culture" - I couldn't leave this book for a moment! It is excellent, practical, full of examples, smart sentences of yours & others. It was written simply, clearly, you didn't complicate things, but kept it simple - same as I believe life should be, even though sometimes it is not like that (and whenever it is not - your book can help 😉 ) In one word - wonderful!

- Hagit Hikry

"First off, man, I am really impressed with this book. You have approached the concepts of developing personal success in a very simple, attainable manner so that the average person can easily achieve true success. I think the exercise broken down in the book are incredibly helpful, and really help drive your concepts home in a realistic manner - I use the notecard method every day, and I will definitely start using the Magic Board method!"

- Michael Shelton

About the Author

Jack Simon is an artist, philosopher, and entrepreneur with a passion for music and travel.

In 2015 he launched an electronic press kit service, EPKpage, to help artists and musicians look more professional online in order to get booked and perform at more venues and festivals.

He is the Founder and Creative Director of Brister Street Productions and BristerFest. His production company has hosted or co-produced hundreds of events and festivals and half a dozen music videos, helped raise over $15,000 for non-profit causes and over 1,000 pounds of canned goods for food banks from 2011-2015.

When Jack was 5 years old his younger sister passed away, at the age of 3. His thoughts were published in a book detailing a child’s perspective on death, This Book Is For All Kids But Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died., which has since been translated and published internationally in Japan.

He grew up immersed in the weird, live music playground known as Austin, Texas. In 2008 he moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he currently lives and creates.

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